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First Quarter Journaling Tips & Ideas

With the start of the year, comes that feeling of new beginnings and starting over in whatever area of your life you feel needs improving. This also means focusing on the first quarter if you run your own business, which includes the first three months of the year. Here are some ideas for what to journal about in the first quarter of the year. Read More  

What to Journal About at the Beginning of the Year

There are a few times of the year when people tend to start journaling for the first time, or get back into it during a break – when they are dealing with something difficult, near the beginning of the next quarter, and the beginning of the year. If you are journaling as part of your new start this…Read More

why journal?
Why Your Journaling Needs a WHY

Are you struggling to keep up with journaling? Do you find it difficult to be inspired or know what to write about? The problem is likely not about journaling itself or not benefiting from it, but not really understanding your own purpose and WHY you want to write in a journal in the first place. Read More

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